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Religion and Theology: What's Happening
Religious Symbols

Religion and Theology

Religion is an experiential phenomenon that goes beyond the theories of Gods and Goddesses. Instead, it focuses on self-discovery and reaching the divine force. It is also a measure to manage society, develop values, rituals, and ceremonies. 

Religion not only influences the political, cultural, and economic aspects in society but also impacts people on an individual level. In a secular country like India, where a plethora of religions are practiced, 80% of the population practice Hinduism, followed by Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, and many more. This medley makes the constitution of religion quite enigmatic. 

Ideally, religion aims at uniting people, but often it is used to instigate violence and create division. Hence, deciphering the religious texts in the right light is critical to develop cultural sensitivity and to embrace the pluralistic nature of religions.

At Pratha, we explore the in-depth intricacies and varied interpretations of religious texts and their impact on India’s contemporary society.  

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