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About Pratha

The core of any nation and its people are the traditions, beliefs, and practices that shape its culture. Among all the countries in the world, India stands out because of its rich cultural history. In India, there is a popular saying, “Kos-kos par badle paani, chaar kos par baani.” In a country where the language spoken by people changes after every few kilometres just like the taste of water, imagine how many cultures India is home to!

Since ancient times, India has been exposed to numerous indigenous and foreign influences that, in turn, moulded its culture the way we see it today. As culture plays a dominant role in casting a society’s characteristics, it has a strong impact on an individual’s thought process as well. Therefore, it is essential for us to explore, interpret, and understand the basic concepts that build the foundation of our nation to understand our present.

Pratha is a word derived from the Hindi language meaning “tradition.” As our name suggests, we attempt to bridge the gap between our past and the present. We aim at preserving and promoting Indian Culture and heritage by helping the younger generation to explore the myriad themes associated with it. We want our people to not only embrace the plurality of our traditions but also critically analyse and interpret what our sources inform us.

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