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Indian Mythology: Activities

Indian Mythology

Indian mythology is closely interwoven with Indian religion. Even though the term ‘myth’ indicates the doubtful occurrence of an event happening in reality, the faith of Indians in these beautiful stories and characters is so deep, that many times we are not able to distinguish between religion, myth, and history.

Whatever the case be, Indian mythology is a treasure of wisdom in itself. From flying chariots, to having divine birds as vaahan, it teaches us to imagine the extraordinary and go beyond what is known. With stunning imagery and heavy symbolism, Indian mythological stories are not only a wonderful source of recreation for kids, but also, carry deep values embedded within. All we need to do is observe and interpret the hidden meanings.

At Pratha, we attempt to look, analyse, and discuss the wide range of perspectives that makes Indian Mythology so unique and enlightening. 

Lord Shiva
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