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History and Contemporary

Spinning Wheel

To understand and interpret what happens in our society, why are certain things the way they are, digging deep into the past is a must. History is not just about dates and battles. It is a culmination of incidents driven by the beliefs, ideas, and societal practices of the people in that era, who shaped the present. 

While India had a glorified past, it also had several faults, some quite explicit, others not so much. Since history has many layers where one idea keeps overlapping the other, and we have limited sources to understand what happened, having an avid imagination is also significant to recreate the events of the past and ask the formidable question- “What if?”

At Pratha, we seek to immerse ourselves into the rich history of India through a unique and interactive way in order to question the unquestionable.

History and Contemporary: What's Happening
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