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Health and Wellness

India's traditional medical practices have always invited curiosity from around the globe. Through Ayurveda, India is the only country to have successfully institutionalised the use of natural methods and medicinal plants for treatments. Earlier considered unscientific by many, India's traditional healthcare practices have gradually gained scientific validation too. Moreover, Indian health philosophies such as Yoga has not only become a global trend but have also made its place in the UNESCO World Heritage List exemplifying the scientific and spiritual importance of India's health traditions all over the world.

Pratha aims to discover and then uncover interesting healthcare practices in India. We intend to also inform our readers of the evolution of traditional health hacks in Indian medicinal history into medically advanced treatments.   


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Maintain physical, emotional, and mental well-being through the ancient Indian art of Yoga.


Sessions beginning soon!

Relieve your stress and restore mental peace through regular sessions of meditation. 


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Through the ancient science of Ayurveda, unlock the doors to a healthy and happy lifestyle.